Premium Photo Booth Rental in Columbia, MO

Capture unforgettable moments and create lasting memories with our premium photo booth rental service. Our state-of-the-art photo booths are here to add fun, excitement, and entertainment to your event.

Professional quality photos

24 megapixels images

Unlike most photo booths, our photo is taken by a mirrorless camera, not by an iPad or webcam, preserving your cherished moments in stunning, lifelike clarity.

With top-of-the-line camera, lighting, and skilled attendants, we ensure that each shot taken reflects the true spirit of your event.


Get access to the gallery during and after the event

Access from your mobile device

Say goodbye to waiting – as your event unfolds, you and your guests gain instant access to your virtual gallery. All your chosen formats are ready for immediate sharing and downloading.

Instant prints

A gift for your guests

Using the industry-standard fast printer, we ensure that the magic captured within our photo booth is transformed into a high-quality print in a matter of seconds.

3 formats to choose from

Choose between the timeless elegance of a photo, the animated charm of a GIF or the captivating loop of a boomerang. With a range of formats at your disposal, your memories remain as unique as the occasion itself.





Customize photo booth screens

Match your colors & style

Your event’s theme, branding, or style takes center stage as you curate the look and feel of the photo booth interface. From elegant weddings to lively corporate functions, every interaction with the booth becomes an extension of your event’s identity.

Elegant or funny photos... you decide!

Glam or classic

Choose between the timeless allure of elegant black and white photos or the vibrant charm of colorful and playful images. This feature grants you the power to curate your visual narrative, ensuring that every photo resonates with the mood you intend to create.



$ 621
  • 2 hours rental
  • Standard background
  • Photos / GIFs formats
  • Standard screens
  • On-site attendant
  • Live gallery
  • Instant sharing*
  • Fun props


$ 807
  • 3 hours rental
  • Unlimited prints*
  • Any background you choose
  • Photos / GIFs / Boomerangs
  • Beauty filters
  • Customs screens
  • On-site attendant
  • Live gallery
  • Instant sharing*
  • Fun props

Add - Ons

Choose your backdrop

Set the stage for your photos

Choose the backdrop you want from our selection of elegant and fun designs to add a unique touch to your photos. Whether you’re looking for a classic backdrop for a formal event or a playful theme for a fun gathering, our diverse range of backdrops ensures there’s something for every occasion.

Fun and themed props

Props for added fun!

Celebrate in style with our ‘Fun and Themed Props’ section! From quirky hats and funky glasses to thematic accessories that match the vibe of your occasion, our collection has something for everyone.

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